Striplight Box Premium 150×35 cm

  • Fits all Priolite compact flash units and the LED 400 video light
  • Very long and narrow light pan for uniformly illuminating large areas or creating light edges
  • Indispensable for product photography, people and nude photography
  • Incl. Speed ring, front and intermediate diffuser
  • Grid (textile honeycomb grid) available as accessories


Priolite Striplight Premium 150×35 cm

The high-quality Priolite Premium Striplight-Box is ideal to set accents, indispensable for product photography and light edges for eg people or nude photography. The enclosed inter-diffuser provides an even softer light.Thegrid (textile honeycomb grid) is available as anaccessory and ensures directed light guidance and special reflective effects. Priolite Premium Softboxes are generally characterized by a new silver coating for optimum light output. Due to the design, they are also more resistant, more robust and also much faster to build up.

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Weight 1.740 kg


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